Koho ‘ia
Agriculture and Digital Media:
Planting Seeds for a Sustainable Hawai'i

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College and High School students, are you interested in learning about AGRICULTURE, SUSTAINABILITY, and DIGITAL MEDIA?

Join Koho ‘ia, a digital on-line academy that will teach you about:
1. Sustainable agriculture and crop production
2. Agricultural systems in Hawaii
3. Sustainable agricultural practices
4. Farm to table initiatives
In four (4) on-line lessons, you will learn about sustainable farm to table food industry skills through digital media, guided by an Agricultural Research scientist, and a Native Hawaiian Kumu who will link historical Hawaiian cultural practices with today’s sustainable agricultural ideas to provide inspiration for your future. You will learn skills to work in these industries or to continue your education. Through on-line learning modules, hands on projects, and optional field trips, you will gain knowledge from growing and harvesting plants, selling produce, and turning it into a popular dish at your favorite restaurant.
You can receive travel/scholarship $$ as you complete each of the four learning modules, with a completion bonus to help you start your educational or agricultural fund!

Aloha Koho ‘ia Students, we are very excited to welcome you to the program.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Scott Lukas and I am an agricultural research scientist at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I specialize in native Hawaiian plant restoration, and am trained throughout the many facets of Pacific Agriculture.   Throughout this program we will focus on sustainable agriculture in Hawaii.  In conjunction with the web-based lessons there will be opportunities to have field days and mini-internships. Along this journey, I would like you to feel comfortable with the curriculum and take full advantage of the experiences available to you.  I  look forward to working and learning together with you.

'Ano'ai a welina mai me ke aloha no! Ke ho'olauna aku nei au i mua o 'oukou -- 'o wai kou inoa Lilette Liliakala Subedi, ko 'oukou kumu 'ike Hawai'i i ka papa hana Koho 'Ia.

Warmest regards and welcome! Let me introduce myself to you -- my name is Lilette Liliakala Subedi, your Hawaiian knowledge teacher in the Koho 'Ia project. It is with great joy and appreciation for you, dear students, that we have this opportunity to integrate and share native Hawaiian traditions and practices related to contemporary issues and impacts of sustainable agriculture in our beloved Hawai'i. Let us begin by acknowledging that we are now celebrating the makahiki--a time of gratitude, peace, earnest planning and preparation to ensure a bountiful and healthy growing season. At this very moment, Ku is at rest and Lono reigns supreme. This is a "taste" of what is yet to unfold as we nurture intelligence through the coalescence of transmitted and intuitive knowledge -- ho'oulu i ka na'auao i ka 'ike, i ke ao. Imua! Eo! Ea!

Hello from Chicago to all Koho'ia Students!  My name is Surabhi Jain and I am a workforce development specialist.  I create and implement job-training programs across the United States.  In the Koho'ia Project, my goal is to help you all better understand the labor market needs and demands, prepare you adequately for the labor market with resumes, cover letters, understanding of job openings, and help you identify the right job for you.  I will be available through phone, email, and the Koho'ia website for consultation and any questions you may have.  I look forward to hearing back from you all and working closely with you.