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    Module 1: Overview of Sustainable Agriculture 

    Scott Lukas 
    Surabhi Jain
    Lilette Liliakala Subedi

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    Using local resources and knowledge 

    Using local resources and knowledge from international experts, we will explore the meaning and implications of sustainable agriculture. This module will provide an overview to give students a working knowledge to build upon for future lessons.

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    Lessons and resources - Part 1

    This topic includes definitions of sustainable agriculture.

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    Lessons and resources - Part 2

    This topic includes information on sustainable agriculuture compared to conventional agriculuture.

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    Challenges to sustainable agriculture 

    In all that we have covered in this lesson, it appears that sustainable agriculture is a simple choice.  Why would we even consider conventional agricultural approaches?

    Of course, with anything in life there will be challenges.  But challenges give you the opportunity to overcome obstacles.  The Dean of the University of Hawaii, College of Agriculture, Sylvia Yuen discusses the challenges of sustainable agriculture in Hawaii.  

    Watch this video clip to help you understand the challenges and opportunities for sustainable agriculture in Hawaii.  

    Discussion questions:

    In the discussion forum, post what you feel is the one biggest challenge to sustainable agriculture in Hawaii?  What can we do about it?

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    With the completion of this module, we have introduced the preliminary ideas associated with sustainable agriculture.  We know that the community, economy and the environment must be in balance to have a sustainable agricultural system.  The interactions between components are what drive this system to be “whole” and “complete” thus all inputs and outputs must be considered.

    To fully appreciate and understand sustainable agriculture in Hawaii, we have introduced a historical perspective to enlighten us about how our ancestors used to live and thrive off of the land.  We have seen that through scientific inquiry, we are able to uncover the scientific benefits of the Native Hawaiian farming systems and learn from how they interacted with the land. 

    In the next three lessons, we will pull from ancestral knowledge, as well and modern science to prepare you for opportunities in sustainable agriculture.  Moving forward, think about how you personally fit into the agricultural system in Hawaii.  

    Discussion Questions:

    Look online and find a sustainable farm in Hawaii.  In the discussion forum, post information or photos about the farm you choose.  

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    Additional Resources

    This article will help you understand the implications of both farming methods.  It will provide an overview of sustainable agriculture and the benefits associated.

    This article will clarify the reasons and the history to why we should choose sustainable agriculture in Pacific cultures.

    Here is an article that will show an important agricultural land challenge here on Oahu.

    This video will demonstrate the meaning of sustainable farming.

    View the animation video of the transition between sustainable agriculture to conventional and back. 

    What is organic, watch this to see. 

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