Topic outline

    Workforce Development


    Students will understand:

    1. Different jobs and occupations available based on their personal interests
    2. The educational and skill levels needed for these different occupations
    3. The wages for different occupations
    4. Jobs available in Hawaii for based on chosen occupations
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    Activity 2.

    Goal: To make the students aware of the percentage of men and women in the jobs they are most interested in.  This will make them aware whether a job is traditional or non-traditional (jobs that have less than 25% of women employed)  

    1. Now go to:
    2. Based on the occupations identified above/Activity 1, list the % of men and women in those jobs 


      % of women

      % of men (100-% of women)






















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    Activity 1.

    Goal:  To make the student aware of their interests, so they can identify career options.  The quiz is based on individual interests.

    1. Go to : and take the quiz
    2. Based on your interests, results, job zones [e.g., Hawai‘i (or elsewhere)] and career options, identify four occupations that you want to learn more about:
    1. ________________________________________
    2. ________________________________________
    3. ________________________________________
    4. ________________________________________

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    Additional Resources

    Students can use the following websites to get more information about different occupations, education and skill requirements, job openings, wages, etc. – Bureau of Labor Statistics - Career One Stop - Career Information - Hawaii State Department of Labor  - Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations – Hawaii Pacific University – University of Hawaii – University of Hawaii at Manoa – Hawaii Community College – Honolulu Community College – Kapiolani Community College - Community Colleges of the University of Hawaii systems