Aloha Kohoʹia students

Along with the online modules, you also have opportunity to take part in your own vegetable growing experiment.

 At the University of Hawaii at Manoa greenhouses, I have started an aquaponics demonstration for you to experience and learn about.  In this demonstration we will compare tomatoes grown in:

  • an aquaponic system,
  • pots in a greenhouse environment system, and
  • pots in a home system. 

While we are growing the tomatoes, we will record the size of our own plants every 5 days, completing a comparative growth study to see in what environment the plants did the best. 

This study will give us the opportunity to determine the optimal growing conditions for tomatoes.  At the end of our project (early April, 2012) we will analyze all of our collected data and place it in graphs to compare growth between

  • aquaponics,
  • pots in greenhouses and
  • pots in the location of your choice at home. 

Who knows, maybe your house will be the best growing environment and you will become a tomato farmer! 

We are excited about this opportunity to grow food and conduct research and we have all the materials needed for you to take home and grow your own tomatoes. When you are ready to pick up your materials or view the aquaponic system, just contact me through my provided email address and we can arrange for a convenient time.

We hope that this will be an informative and enjoyable experiment!

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