How to add links to your assignments...

Students: In this course you will post photographs and/or videos in your assignments and discussions. One way to do this is by using a  built-in Moodle features and web-Google Docs. We will provide you with an email account ( which will allow you to use Google Docs.  

Sharing photos using Moodle

Posting photos in the forum - You can attach one file to any post made in a forum. This is a great way to turn in assignments and to post reflections on single photos/videos. In the forums, everyone in your class can see the photograph or view the video and can reply. When you want feedback on your photos/videos, use the forum.

Sharing photos using Google Docs
To share your photos or videos, simply upload your photo to a Google Docs folder and the turn on sharing for the photo. Use the sharing link to post in your assignment or discussion.  

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